Bits & Bytes: 2D Game Assets – Revenge Of The Blob

Bits & Bytes: Create your own platformer game with this MEGA 2D game asset pack. Includes over 180 individual sprites and three characters! Don’t wait… download the Revenge of the Blob 2D game asset pack from the DOTI Shop today!

2D Game Assets

2D Games Assets: Includes 180+ Sprites

With this 2D game asset pack, you can create your own platformer game. This pack includes the following:

  • 180+ sprites. Individual PNGs for each element.
  • Multiple resolutions. Each individual sprite element has been exported in the following resolutions – @1x, @2x, and @3x.
  • Three characters. 1 Blob. 2 Robots.
  • Jump/Walk Cycle. Blob has nine different images, which can be used to create walk/jump cycles.
  • Bricks. A seemingly endless supply of bricks from which you can build your own world.
  • Objects. Boxes, saw blades, barrels, collectibles, projectiles, and more. Did we mention there’s GLOOP?
  • Vectors Available. Upgrade this pack and grab the Affinity Designer file, which includes vectors, export persona and symbols. This file is organized with each layer named!

What are you waiting for? Download the Revenge of the Blob 2D game asset pack from the DOTI Shop today!

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