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It’s all about makin’, breakin’, and playin’ games!

We (Chris and Tammy) are game developers. We’re also artists, storytellers, musicians and co-founders of DayOfTheIndie.com. We started the site because we love makin’ and playin’ games. We’re not too keen on the breakin’ part, but it’s all part of the process — a process we want to share with you!

Meet The Makers

Chris: Paladin, Level 3.

Chris learned at an early age that getting your hands dirty can lead to epic rewards. As this rare photo shows, one of those rewards was about to kick in: An epic sugar rush!

Tammy: Warrior, Level 7.

Even back then, Tammy knew the zombie apocalypse was coming. She’s seen here leveling-up her ‘combat’ skills. And yes, she’s also wearing a hat. Did you really think she wouldn’t be?


DOTI: Robot, Max Level.

DOTI is the local mascot and artificial intelligence behind Day Of The Indie. Her makers uploaded her to keep an eye on the place while they’re off doing the things that humans do.

See that thing on top of her head? It’s actually a death ray! Truth be told, we have no idea what that thing is, but it was extra, so we stuck it on her head.

Meet Our Patrons & Supporters

– Jeff Deimund